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Our online store prioritizes your safety, and we guarantee secure transactions. You can trust that your sensitive information is protected using the latest encryption methods. Our commitment to security means that you can have peace of mind while browsing, purchasing, and receiving your purchases. We understand the importance of security in online shopping and we take all necessary measures to ensure that your experience with us is completely safe. Shop with confidence at our store and enjoy the convenience of online shopping without the worry.


Cloudflare acts as our site’s very own security team by deflecting attackers, spammers, and malicious activities. The Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) allows site visitors from any continent to quickly access our store.

Adhering to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations ensures that a company meets the security protocols necessary to safeguard cardholder data. All organizations that handle transactions involving credit, debit, or prepaid cards must adhere to PCI compliance standards.

Credit card details must be kept confidential for security purposes, and being PCI compliant indicates that a company can be trusted to protect that data. Much like a homeowner wouldn't lend their house key to someone they didn't trust with their possessions, credit card brands won't trust a merchant with payment card data unless they are able to keep it secure.

If a business processes, or transmits credit cardholder information - whether over the Internet, by phone, in an app, on paper, or in person - they must follow a series of rules to protect the payment data.


An auditor certified by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has conducted an audit of Stripe. We are a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. To achieve this, we have implemented state-of-the-art security tools and procedures to ensure the highest levels of security at Stripe.

Stripe is committed to providing a high level of security for its platform, employing the strongest encryption standard available (AES-256) to encrypt and decrypt payment card numbers at rest.

All transactions are safeguarded with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection. Moreover, Stripe ensures that all web browsers, whether on mobile or desktop devices, interact with its website using HTTPS and HTTP strict transport security (HSTS).


The safety of our customers and merchants is of utmost importance to us, and we take a number of steps to ensure their data remains secure.

We use encryption for personal and financial information, and utilize Transport Layer Security (TLS) and HTTPS (HSTS) for logins.

Additionally, our mobile apps use key pinning to ensure your phone only connects to authentic PayPal servers.

To further validate our security measures, we have independent third parties review our Information Security Policies and Controls.


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It is important to always download software from official websites to ensure the safety and security of your device. That’s why we issue product keys to install from the official Microsoft site.


You can connect with our support team through various channels including live chat, email and phone to provide prompt support.


You will receive an official invoice that acknowledges your transaction. This will be useful for reference of owning genuine software, tax purposes or potential returns or exchanges.


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